Electric Mini ATV Quad VTT 36 Volts 1000 Watts with LED Headlights

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The Mini Electric ATV is the fastest, most reliable, and safest electric four-wheeler on the market! Great 4-wheeler to start your kids on. With an adjustable speed as low as 5mph or 8km/h and a top speed of 22mph or 35km/h, the E-ATV is a great quad for your child to grow into. Very quiet 1000 Watt brushless motor will have your friends wanting one! Equipped with a 36 Volt battery, longest lasting battery on the market, matching colored rims and speed governor will have your child riding for a long time. Also equipped with LED headlights and horn for night time rides. Ride in peace without bothering anyone from the smell of gas or loud engine noises.

Electric Mini ATV 1000 Watts 36 Volts Specifications:        
No Pull Start Needed, Starts with a Turn of the Key!
Top speed= 35km/h or 22mph
Installed Headlights, Kill Switch, and Adjustable Speed Governor
Brushless 1000 Watts Electric Motor!
3 x 12V12AH Lead Acid Battery - Driving Distance of 50km on Full Charge
Charge Time: 4 Hours
Speed Can Be Limited To As Low As 4 km/h
Max Climbing Ability: 25 Degrees
Weight: 59kg/130lb
Dimensions Assembled (LxWxH): 40x26x26in 
Seat Height: 21in
Great for kids

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